Renewable solutions for urban, commercial and private environments

We manufacture solar carports designed for different applications: recharging electric vehicles in commercial and urban environments, recharging electric vehicles in public and private environments, self-storage energy for urban furniture (autonomous bus stops) and large surface solar carports (vehicle parking places).

We offer innovative solutions in terms of structure and functionality. We seek, through an architectural, aesthetical and cutting edge design, an easier coexistence between solar energy and people.

We always seek the greatest energy efficiency possible.






Wide solar capture in open spaces

Large surface solar carports offer enormous flexibility and, therefore, adaptability in any environment or location.

Their modular structure makes it possible to regulate their extension according to the space available and the needs, enabling a large number of vehicles to be housed and a wide solar capture surface. For this reason we study projects in their dimension and adapt the solution to the needs of each client.

SM-BS T Large surface solar carport

Solar carport model “T” for parking vehicles.

SM-BS V Large surface solar carport

Solar carport model “v” and dynamic design for parking vehicles.


Design, functionality and clean energy: carports that respond to a new way of life

Solar carports for electric vehicle recharge propose a balanced and elegant design that challenges the laws of gravity, and respond to the concerns of consumers by coordinating the design, functionality and use of renewable energy as a driver for progress.

Brand vehicle dealers.

Individual consumers.

Shopping centres.

Public buildings.

Hotel establishments.

SM-AUT 3 Solar recharging carport

Carport with space to house three cars.

SM-AUT 2 Solar recharging carport

Carport with space to house two cars.

SMC Solar recharging carpot

Carport with space to house two, threee or four cars.


Solar vehicle recharging carports: clean energy at the service of the citizen

We design, manufacture and install solar recharging carports for electric vehicles in urban and commercial environments. They all incorporate advertising elements and, depending on the type, permit the recharging of up to five vehicles thanks to a system of capturing and distributing solar energy integrated in the structure itself.

Urban carports have a striking architectural design that highlights the operation of the system to capture and distribute energy.

 Flexible, functional and visually highly attractive design.

 Structure adaptable to different spaces.

 Positive impact on the urban landscape.

 Possible integration of advertising.


Solar recharging carport for commercial environment SM-REC C

Carport based on pillars, beams and steel belts that seek balance and symmetry.

SM-REC U Solar recharging urban carport

Almost sculpted carport with a strong and positive visual impact on the urban environment.

Stansol Energy offers the necessary services for the implementation of recharging carports, from engineering and design to the production, construction and installation.

Autonomous solar shelters for urban bus stops: integration of solar energy in the city furniture

At Stansol Energy we have created a range of comfortable and accessible bus shelters and with a simple, warm and elegant design that incorporates a system to capture and distribute solar energy, as well as the latest technology in advertising elements.

The advertising devices and their lighting network will be self-supplied with the solar energy that the whole of the building captures.

Optimal integration in urban and environment architecture.

Integration of advertising.


With this proposal, the Stansol Energy bus shelters meet a triple objective:

   Social awareness about solar energy.

   Service for citizens as a special element of urban furniture.

   Cost savings in energy.

Solar bus shelter SM-URBAN 5

Five meter bus stop.

Solar bus shelter SM-URBAN 4

Four meter bus stop.

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