Fixed structure
Fixed structure
Fixed structure
Fixed structure

Fixed Structures

Fixed STF structures designed ad-hoc for the very best resource optimisation

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Based on continuous improvement of our engineering, the fixed STF structure is calculated and designed ad-hoc for better optimisation of material resources and increased competitiveness within the sector.

The STF is capable of adapting to all types of terrain, as well as offering the possibility of installing continuous sections for better use of plant surface. This is true for any type of photovoltaic module (monofacial, bifacial, framed or not).

Using the best quality steel on the market, the STF is made of HDG steel and/or Magnelis coated.

All of the STF structure’s joints are bolted joints with high tolerance to positioning errors, facilitating assembly with practically zero structural maintenance.

Technical characteristics

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Module configurationAll our structures are capable of being set up Horizontally (3H, 4H) and Vertically (2V, 3V)
Structure configurationThe STF can be assembled using a single post or double post structure, always adapted to each project, as well as offering the Possibility of Continuous Sections
Foundation OptionsDepending on the terrain where the structure is mounted, the foundation options are: Driving (with or without pre-drilling), foundation bolts or footings
Terrain adaptabilityWe study everything down to the minutest detail to guarantee complete adaptation to any terrain.
Structure materialsThe STF is made of hot-dip galvanised steel and/or Magnelis.
Mechanical fasteners The structures are bolted using A2 and GV stainless steel bolts in 8.8 and/or 10.9 quality.
Module fasteningThe modules are fastened using aluminium staples, EPDM fasteners and/or Screws
Module typesOur fixed structure is compatible with all types of modules.
Standards UNE-EN 1990, UNE-EN 1991, UNE-EN 1993, UNE-EN-ISO 1461 UNE-EN ISO 14713, CTE DB-SE-A, CTE DB-SE-AE
Installation and maintenanceThe STF is designed to ensure quick assembly with minimal maintenance
Estructura Fija Stansol

Projects adapted to complex terrains

Estructura Fija Stansol

Double post section in 3V layout

Minimal maintenance Sturdiness High yield Best fit Adaptation to the ground Security Easy assembly