Floating Solar System
Floating Solar System
Floating Solar System
Floating Solar System

Floating Solar System

The STANFLOAT floating system consists of a set of components that complete a flexible and adaptable configuration to the optimal requirements of our customers.

Sistema Solar Flotante Stansol

The floating system allows the PV modules to be supported on water while ensuring their stability against environmental conditions such as wind, rain and snow.

In order to offer our best expertise in long-term solutions, all our components are qualified from the calculation models of each installation, as well as the high quality of their components.

Our solution, in addition to being competitive or flexible to the requirements of each project, it integrates a configuration that facilitates installation, as well as the easy access to the modules for maintenance and cleaning.

We also participated in the design and configuration of the mooring system, also variable depending on the characteristics of the installation site.

Technical characteristics

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Technical characteristics of the Floating Solar System
Floating componentsThe Stanfloat is composed of HPDE with high chemical-mechanical resistance.
Structural componentsThe structural material that forms our floating technology is S280 G ZM310 steels or higher.
ConnectionsThe structures are connected by A2 stainless steel screws
Installation anchoragesDepending on the characteristics of the site
Ecological advantages
  • Reduces water evaporation
  • Minimizes algae growth
  • Limits bottom erosion
  • Rehabilitates contaminated areas
Sistema solar fijo Stansol

Integration with bifacial modules at 90º

Variable inclination Efficiency Durability Easy assembly Innovative solutions Minimal maintenance