We design, manufacture, supply and install structural systems for photovoltaic plants. photovoltaic plants.

Assistance in the development phase

One of our key differentiators

Stansol Energy's commitment to the customer at this stage is based on strong principles of responsibility that provide all our initiatives with stability over time, trust with the customer and other stakeholders. stability over time, trust with the customer and other stakeholders (suppliers, employees, etc.). entities involved (suppliers, employees, etc.).

We are committed to project management, from the development phase to the project.

Providing our experience and knowledge in complex projects of high complexity. complex projects. We not only collaborate with the client in the detailed engineering but also in the whole organization of the the whole organization of the agents that will be involved in the project.

We become the customer's partner when it comes to designing the most suitable solution and technology.

Detail Engineering

At Stansol Energy we study each and every project individually, avoiding standardized solutions that in the long run can increase the total cost of the installation. installation

  1. Test extraction
  2. Land survey to propose the most appropriate solution.
  3. Structural analysis and calculation using state-of-the-art software
  4. 3D Design
  5. Analysis of foundation alternatives
  6. Integration of materials more suitable to the environment

For Stansol Energy, it is precisely this engineering stage in the development of the project that provides the greatest added value to the client. that offers the greatest added value to the client, as it is fundamental for the construction phase and offers greater efficiency during the on-site installation of the structure. construction phase and offers greater efficiency during the on-site installation of the structure.

Manufacturing and supply

Stansol Energy's production department is responsible for the manufacturing, the traceability of materials and the quality of the finished product of each of the different components of the system previously designed and calculated.

  1. Manufacturing drawings
  2. Production control
  3. Materials traceability
  4. Integral logistics
  5. Quality

Assembly / Supervision of assembly

We believe that the value chain is fundamental to seal the result of everything previously done. It is here where everything previously discussed materializes.

Stansol Energy SL has a qualified team to carry out the assembly of photovoltaic projects.

7 interventions in the assembly phase:

  1. Assembly manual
  2. Component logistics, national and international
  3. Unloading, checking and distribution of materials
  4. Stakeout and topographic control
  5. Implementation of different foundation solutions (direct pile driving, predilling, foundation screws, etc.)
  6. Mechanical installation of structures.
  7. Installation of solar modules
  8. Quality control and contribution to structural quality assurance
  9. Maintenance of the installation
  10. Tracker commissioning

We also offer the possibility of providing assembly supervision services both nationally and internationally.

Turnkey projects

Minimizing project risks is one of the main objectives of developers and EPCs. For this reason, Stansol offers turnkey projects, from the development phase to the delivery of the installation.