Photovoltaic marquees
Photovoltaic marquees
Photovoltaic marquees
Photovoltaic marquees


SMR photovoltaic solar canopies are covered spaces with integrated solar panels. This type of spaces are characterized by the use of their roofs to obtain energy.

Marquesina fotovoltaica Stansol


They can be installed in any enclosure, adapting to all needs, whether in company parking lots, homes or other types of locations.

Se diseñan soluciones innovadoras respetando una geometría sólida y racional. Con un enfoque moderno y unos acabados personalizables, los modelos SMR brindan una estética alejada de lo puramente industrial.

The structure of the canopies is manufactured in galvanized steel, with a primer and paint finish, as required by the client.

Integrated PV Marquee

SMR canopies integrate all the necessary elements to operate autonomously, without the need for external structures.

They include batteries, inverters, recharging points and junction boxes integrated into the structure itself, thus forming part of it.

In the case of vehicle charging canopies, the number of chargers per row can be chosen depending on the needs of the project.

Technical characteristics

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Technical characteristics of the canopies
AngleThe SMR in single-seater configuration is designed with a 10º inclination, while in the two-seater it is 5º
Module layoutOur single-seater canopies are configured in 3V-4H and our two-seater canopies in 5V-7H
MaterialsThe SMR consists of hot-dip galvanized steel and/or Magnelis.
FinishingPriming and painting as per customer's requirement
ScrewsThe structures are bolted with Inox A2 and GV screws in quality 8.8, 10.9 and 10.9
Module fixingModules are fixed with aluminum clips, EPDM clips and/or screws
Module typesOur fixed structure is compatible with all types of modules
InstallationThe STF is designed to ensure easy foundation mounting
RegulationsEurcode 0,1 and 3 Technical building code DB-SE-SE DB-SE-AE DB-SE-A
Estructura Fija Stansol

Modular and customizable, with the possibility of including advertising space

Estructura Fija Stansol

Possibility of installing recharging points in the canopy itself

Modular system Advertising frame Additional integrations Self-consumption Protect vehicles