The STT1 Trackers, offer all the versatility in the arrangement of modules for a total use of the surface area

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The STT1 solar tracking solution, allows to optimize any solution to cover all kinds of needs in terms of adaptation to lay-outs, and different module configurations

Technical characteristics

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Technical characteristics of the Trackers
Type of structureThe STT1 is designed as a single-row system; that is, the motor that is integrated is directly related to a single shaft.
AngleFollowers rotate from East-West throughout the day, with a +/- 55° capability
SlopeMaximum north-south slope is 12%, while the east-west slope is unlimited. But it is also available for adaptation to other conditions.
Structure materialsThe materials used in all trackers are: HDG Steel S280, S355, S350GD ZM310 (magnelis). On the other hand, the bearings are composed of polymeric materials and self-lubricating, therefore maintenance free)
Assembly The tracker's connections are made with bolted joints, with GV screws of class 10.9.
ConfigurationThe available configurations are 1V, 2V and 3H.
RegulationsThe wind regulations they must comply with are the following: CTE, Eurocode, ASCE07, local regulations
Temperature rangeThe temperature range tolerated by the tracker is from -20ºC to +55ºC.
Module fixingDepending on the configuration of the trackers, the modules are fixed by means of staples or screwed assemblies
FoundationDepending on the soil characteristics the foundation could be, direct pile-driving, pre-drilling, foundation bolts or footings.
Wireless communicationThe communication between the different elements that make up the control system will be through Zigbee protocol. This protocol is wireless so it will eliminate the need for communication cables between elements that are far away from each other, thus reducing the probability of failure.
Remote or On-Site DataThe system includes an internet connection and an industrial PC where it is possible to visualize data. Data can also be viewed remotely and it is possible to include a data visualization environment that facilitates the understanding of the data for the customer.
Up to 200 solar trackers per control unitEach central control unit is capable of controlling up to 200 individual tracker units, giving this the ability to realize large projects without the need to add more central control units, thus acquiring data in a much more centralized way.
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Screwed joints with no need for welding

Estructura Fija Stansol

Central post together with geared motor and tracking system

Predictive maintenance Isolated or integral High profitability Control system Efficiency Backtracking All types of terrain