International Technical Seminar

On October 4, 2017, STANSOL ENERGY, together with UNEF and ACESOL, was invited to participate as a speaker at the International Technical Conference on the Next Challenges of Photovoltaics in Genera in Santiago de Chile.

The exhibition focused on the importance of new technologies, optimization and guarantee of metallic structures for photovoltaic installations on ground and floating. As he explained, the photovoltaic sector is becoming more competitive with other energy sources.

Technological progress and the manufacturing processes of photovoltaic modules and inverters have already collaborated in increasing this competitiveness. In the same way, he said, it is necessary that the METALLIC STRUCTURE sector joins this trend.

The way to achieve this, according to his experience, is through the most professional development of projects possible. He spoke of the current challenge of floating solar farm projects, emerging projects, where the application of the above is especially relevant. In this case STANSOL ENERGY has developed and tested a system of floating solar installations where non-conventional materials have been incorporated to increase the durability of the floating solution/structure and thereby increase the profitability of the installation.

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