STANSOL ENERGY participated in the V SOLAR FORUM held in Madrid on November 6 and 7 with nearly 600 attendees, professionals from the photovoltaic sector


Climate change has become an urgent global challenge. The total decarbonization process for the energy transition is in the energy plans in practically all countries, considering energy as the basic focus in all the policies of our planet.

In Spain we know today that the current moment is unique according to all reports and perspectives, due to several fundamental parameters:

  • We are technological leaders in the field
  • We are leaders in solar exports
  • Our industrial value chain throughout the process allows us to undertake the planned objectives.
  • We have a strategic geographical location

For all this and according to all forecasts NOW WE PLAY AT HOME.

Nevertheless, there are still parameters that slow down this expansion, such as the financing of projects, administrative procedures and connection points, but the companies that work in this sector know and are confident that these barriers will be removed since now yes, solar energy is here to stay.

Between all of us, it is also essential to recreate an environment of trust regarding photovoltaics, correcting past mistakes through a cultural impulse. We cannot upholster the world of photovoltaics without taking into account social and industrial environments. It is our obligation through a somewhat evangelizing work to link society with renewable energies, not only in the final bill, but also with R&D policies, employment generation, well-being and care for the Environment. In short, make the consumer the main axis of the effective energy transition.

For all of the above, at STANSOL ENERGY we work and have the firm commitment to offer the most competitive technologies to the photovoltaic market. We design, manufacture and install photovoltaic structures. Parameterized developments with the highest quality and cost savings based on the design of projects adjusted to what the client really needs, studying the project individually for each need, thus achieving the best solutions, in quality and price .

– Structures on ground
– Fixed
– One-axis follower
– Solar hangars
– Floating system
– Large surface solar canopies
– Solar canopies for recharging electric vehicles

You can see all our technologies and data sheets at

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