Stansol presents its system for floating solar installations at AGROEXPO

Last January 2018, the patented system for floating photovoltaic installations, Stanfloat, was officially presented at agroexpo. The key to this system lies in the structure that supports the solar modules and in the elastomeric joints. The structure is made of an alternative material to steel and aluminum that increases the durability of the installation itself and minimizes the effects of corrosion.

The panels are inclined according to the most suitable angle for each installation compared to other technologies on the market that implement the standard angle, without adapting it to the particularities of each client. This manages to minimize the number of panels to be placed and therefore make the project profitable in its entirety.

Goodbye to the electricity bill in agriculture

Advantageous system for incorporating renewables into agricultural activity, such as irrigation systems, since it also reduces water evaporation and the formation of algae in water pools.

Photovoltaic panels on the surface of the irrigation ponds allow to supply the electricity needs of the agricultural exploitation or the community of irrigators in which it is installed.

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